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Eugene McCullough Presentation on CFPB & Best Practices - 2014 Annual Convention


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ILR E-Submission Service Application & Terms of Use


Title Guaranty Rapid Certificate Presentation - 2012 Annual Convention


Hal Systems Presentation - 2012 Annual Convention


Mortgage Fraud Presentation - 2011 Annual Convention


2010 ILTA Member Survey on Abstracter Licensing


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Continuity and Recovery Planning Presentation by Randee Slings - May 2009


Groundwater Hazard Form

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Time of Transfer Inspection Report (DNR Form 542-0191)


Hendricks Title Guaranty Waiver Application
Petition to Intervene
Hendricks Amended Application
Brief of Intervenor
Supplemental Supporting Letters**
Hendricks Reply Brief
Motion for Stay
Resistance to Motion for Stay
Waiver Ruling
Petition for Judicial Review
Walter Murphy Dissenting Opinion
Brief of Petitioner
Title Guaranty Reply Brief
Hendricks Reply Brief
ILTA Final Brief
Ruling on Petition for Judicial Review
Iowa Supreme Court Brief May 2008
Title Guaranty Supreme Court Brief July 2008
ILTA Supreme Court Reply Brief Argument September 2008
Title Guaranty Board Meeting Transcript June 5, 2007
Supreme Court Decision August 21, 2009
Attorney Gilliam's Remarks Regarding Supreme Court Decision

** If you would like copies of all supporting letters --
contact the ILTA office at ILTA@austin.rr.com


Middle Road Developers vs Windmiller Design and City of Bettendorf   


Title Guaranty Draft Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers
Informal Comments to Title Guaranty Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers - Reilly
Informal Comments to Title Guaranty Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers - Bauer
Informal Comments to Title Guaranty Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers - Madsen
Informal Comments to Title Guaranty Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers - Dunakey
Informal Comments to Title Guaranty Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers - Augustine
ILTA Informal Comments on the Title Guaranty Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers
TG Board Member Comments - Wally Murphy
TG Board Member Comments - Mitch Taylor
TG Board Member Comments - Deborah Petersen
Title Guaranty Recommendation of Administrative Rules for Waivers
IFA Notice / Administrive Rules on Plant Waivers - August 2008
Administrative Rules on Plant Waivers - Approved by IFA November 12, 2008

Listed below are edits of the recordings of the June 10, 2008 Title Guaranty Board Meeting.  
DISCLAIMER - These recordings are edited portions of the Title Guaranty Board Meeting when the proposed waiver rules were discussed and are not the official recording of the meeting.  Further discussion of the waivers will be held during the next Title Guaranty Board Meeting on July 10, 2008.  The Title Guaranty Board Meeting recording is available in its entirety upon request to the ILTA office at (800) 778-3789 or ILTA@austin.rr.com.

Deborah Peterson Edits:

0:24 9.7(1) Mission

0:41 9.7(2) Definitions: Hardship

2:37 9.7(2) Definitions: Interested Persons

6:12 9.7(5) Notification and Response

0:14 9.7(6) Waiver Meeting

1:14 9.7(8) Type of Waiver

1:05 9.7(10) Ruling

Mitch Taylor Edits:

6:04 9.6(3) Participating Abstractors

12:59 9.7(1) Mission

2:59 9.7(2) Definitions: Availability of Title Guaranties

1:07 9.7(2) Definitions: Exempt and Grandfathered Attorneys

10:09 9.7(2) Definitions: Hardship

0:58 9.7(2) Definitions: Title Plant

1:09 9.7(2) Definitions: Waiver

0:32 9.7(6) Waiver Meeting

2:36 9.7(7) Criteria for Waiver Variance

5:27 9.7(8) "Provisional" Waivers

6:39 9.7(8) "Permanent" Waivers

15:49 9.7(10) Ruling (on waivers)

Wally Murphy Edits:

16:49 9.6(2) Definitions: Availability of Title Guaranties

16:34 9.7(2) Definitions: Public Interest

0:13 9.7(2) Definitions: Title Plant

0:14 9.7(5) Notification and Response

1:59 9.7(6) Waiver Meeting

24:09 9.7(8) Criteria for Waiver or Variance

8:19 9:7(11) Meeting Minutes to Include Summaries

Other Comments and Key:

5:39 Attorney vs. Abstracter Waivers

16:25 Bill Blue's Comments as Presented to the Board

Recordings Key


June 10, 2008 Title Guaranty Board Meeting Handout One

June 10, 2008 Title Guaranty Board Meeting Handout Two


CLRIS Data Tree Agreement


ILTA Draft Bill to Amend Iowa Code Section 16.91 / ISBA Ad Hoc Committee Supporting
Documents and Report:
ILTA Proposal
Berger v. IFA
Brief in Opposition
Brief in Support
Hendricks Waiver
Bauer Proposal
Ad Hoc Committee Report


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